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Mental health care often falls short in addressing all needs of people in suffering, yet it remains essential to maintain human well being. That’s why compassionate psychotherapy still plays a crucial role in our society today. At Trickett Psychotherapy located in Guelph, Ontario; one can expect an empathic therapeutic experience provided by our specialists following the vision and leadership of Registered Psychotherapist Marinela Trickett, who tailors her approach according to individual needs from recovery, solace, and personal growth. 

She is renowned for her unwavering dedication and deep-rooted empathy that define her as a truly caring practitioner. 

 Marinela specializes in treating unique cases like Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD/CPTSD) which makes her an expert experienced enough across every therapeutic encounter. With offices located at 806 Gordon Street, unit 202A, Guelph. Ontario. Individuals have easy access when they need support.

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At Trickett Psychotherapy we give room for accommodating clients’ busy lives because we understand everyone has unique situations. The focus of our team is on helping you achieve optimal mental wellness through providing expert guidance aimed towards resilience, healing, and liberation. At Trickett Psychotherapy & Counselling get prepared for something new because we offer more than just healing therapy when impacting your life— We offer transformative healing to help you reclaim your life.  

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Because our friendly and caring staff has a strong commitment to offer to our clients only the best practices available in the industry with only one objective in mind, Your WELL-BEING.

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In this session, the therapist of your choice will spend some time getting to know you and the issues that brought you into treatment. It could feel like a formal, structured interview, or it may just feel like a more free-flowing conversation. The therapist will ask about your concerns, your history and background, as well as your strengths, your interests, and your goals.

Compatibility Matching

During the first session, you will begin making a connection with your therapist. You should feel comfortable, safe, accepted, and respected. Is during this first session that you can assess whether the therapist you chose feels like a good match for your personality. You can rest assured our team will help you match with the ideal therapist from Trickett Psychotherapy that will better serve your needs.





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