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German has been working more than a decade with people and groups helping them to overcome to
their own struggles in individual sessions as a therapist using a multi-modal approach that is oriented to
fit with the unicity of each individual needs.
With a Latin-American background where he got a master’s degree in Psychotherapy, German has
experience helping clients with their emotional and mental disorders, such as:

 Anxiety
 Depression
 Stress management
 Relationships’ issues
 Co-dependency
 Trauma
 Lack of self-esteem, and vocational struggles

As a former University teacher, he has worked with youth helping them with their own issues, as well as
with adults that have been feeling emotionally stuck, lost on their life goals, or struggling with their
current relationships or career troubles.
He believes thar mutual collaboration is the best way to find your path to emotional healing by using
your own strengths and skills working for your own needs and goals.

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